Toy-Up Industries UTV-ATV decks


Toy Up Industries


These are a great transportation option for UTV owners!  Toy-up Industries has been at for years with their Snowmobile decks and have added their UTV decks to their popular line of Decks.

There are 3 different lengths 7′,8′ or9′.  The 7 and 8′ decks with work in short bed and fit 2 seat UTVs and some of the shorter 4 seat UTVs like RZR-800-900 and Teryx-4. The 9′ version fits in long beds and will haul the longer RZR-1000 4 seaters. There are also two widths available for guys with wider long travel suspensions.

All decks are powder-coated and include 11′ folding aluminum ramps for easy loading.

Decks also include a top section tray for added storage and tabs for a 50″ LED bar.

Because there are many versions of these beds we are trying to stock the most popular versions but may have to order yours. Expect 2-4 weeks depending on the time of the year.

Freight is also included in the price to our shop in Kaysville Utah.

A hardware-turnbuckle kit is required and available for $90.




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